Watch the ’17 Ford Raptor Take the Spotlight in Gymkhana 9


A short six months after Ken Block graced us with the eight chapter of his tire-shredding, obstacle-slaying, engine-brahhhhping, and jaw-dropping Gymkhana video series, the new ninth episode has hit YouTube. But this time, his modified Ford Focus RS RX isn’t the only Ford superstar…

Block’s new video is incredible and amazingly-complicated, but like most humans, after watching eight previous similar editions, I wasn’t wowed by any of his skilled stunts. At least until I saw a 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor hanging from a freaking helicopter!

Although there’s been similar stunts in previous versions where Block paints rubber circles around moving objects, this one seemed particularly difficult, as the Raptor is dangling in front of him with zero-to-little control. A wind gust could easily push the truck into Block and cause trouble. review