I’ve visited 4 other Ford dealerships in Central Florida and Mullinax has the biggest selection of truck inventory by far.

Kevin Jones
Quality Excellent
I recently purchased a new boat and needed a truck to pull it. Well, I didn’t need a truck, because my 2011 Grand Cherokee Limited was capable of handling the job – I WANTED a truck!! Everyone knows the F-150 is the hottest truck on the road so I dabbled with the idea and had to convince my wife it was a good decision. After looking at other dealerships in the immediate area, and driving as far as Lakeland to visit another Ford dealership, I decided to check out Mullinax online. I ended up being connected with Scott Mitchem via an online chat and told him what I was interested in doing. I explained that I needed to find something comparable to my Jeep as far as options were concerned – leather, navigation, HID headlights, back up camera, Sirius w/ Travel Link. I also told him I wanted 20″ rims but that wasn’t a deal breaker, it would just be nice. Scott told me he had inventory that would probably suit my needs and I headed out that night to see him. Once I arrived, Scott met me and took me out to stroll through their vast inventory. I have to say, I’ve visited 4 other Ford dealerships in Central Florida and Mullinax has the biggest selection of truck inventory by far. Scott pointed out a few trucks and when I saw the fx2 w/ the blacked out front and HID headlights I was in love! I told Scott I wanted that truck but I wanted it in Sterling Gray. Scott and I went back in to check his computer and he located the truck of my dreams at their New Smyrna lot. He ran numbers for me and had my Grand Cherokee appraised and here comes the best part! They were giving me $2800 more than the previous Ford Dealership was going to give me which was in line with what KBB said my jeep was worth (Lakeland Automall didn’t think I knew what it was worth). It was so nice not to have to haggle anything like you do at other car dealerships. Their upfront pricing is awesome and cheaper than any other lot advertises w/ no dealer fees! Scott gave me the figures I needed and I went home to sleep on it. I never felt any pressure from Scott and the next day I called him and said I wanted to do the deal. I set an appointment with him for the next morning. He told me he would have everything ready to go when I arrived. Upon arrival, my soon to be new truck was sitting there ready to go and let me tell you, she is a real beauty!!! I met Scott and we did the paperwork – there is no finance guy – he is it!! We exchanged keys and he took me out to the truck and gave me another presentation on all the key features of the truck and got me set up with the electronics! Once finished, I was ready to go and I have to say this has been the best car buying experience i’ve encountered. I certainly recommend Mullinax to anyone looking to get into a new car and when you go – ASK FOR SCOTT!! He is a top notch salesman who has been with the company for a long time (over 10 years) and selling FORD vehicles even longer (to the tune of 17 years). I’ve had the truck for almost 3 weeks now and have to say…..I will probably never switch from owning an F-150! Mullinax has earned a customer for life!