There was never any pressure, or gamesmanship at Mullinax Ford and I appreciated that very much.

Habib Jabali
Overall Score: 4.8
I had left a request on the web for several dealerships in my area for someone to contact me about a 2013 Mustang. Half an hour later I received a call from Bruce Huppert at Mullinax Ford. I was pleasantly suprised as to how quickly I was contacted. He sounded very professional and positive and offered me the opportunity to stop by to see the car. That afternoon, I did stop at Mullinax and Bruce showed me a Mustang in stock that had all the options I was looking for except the color. He assured me he could get me the car I wanted. I was very impressed with Bruce demeanor and overall professional behavior. Although I started the day just browsing, I decided to buy the car from Mullinax later that day. While the final price I was offered was several hundred dollars more than what I had received from other dealerships, I decided to buy the car from Mullinax primarily because of Bruce. He got me the car I wanted later that same day and I purchased it.I picked up the car that evening and the following day discovered it had a bad scratch on the back bumper. I called Bruce and took the car back to Mullinax. He took me next door to Mullinax body shop and introduced me to David Shaw who assured me he will take care of it. I picked up the car two days later and it looked fantastic. There was no sign of the scratch. David’s shop did an incredible job and I was very grateful.Overall, I was very pleased with my buying experience primarily because Bruce made it that much more pleasant. There was never any pressure, or gamesmanship and I appreciated that very much. But what really impressed me futher was that it became apparent to me that other people at Mullinax were also courteous and treated customers with dignity and respect. (Thank you David Shaw). This was definitely not the experience I have had in the past when I dreaded walking into a dealership to buy a car.