We drove a 100 miles to Mullinax Ford to see the car. The whole experience was amazing!

Donnie Mangrum

Quality: 3

We spent an entire day at a Ford delaership in Jacksonville the day before we went to Mullinax. That dealership was so terrible we left without buying a car. we went home and searched the internet and saw that Mulinax Ford had the car we wanted and they also advertised they had zero dealer prep fees. We drove the 100 miles to see the car. The whole experience was amazing. They were very eager to please us as soon as we walked in. The cars were opened so we could look without waiting for them to get a key for each one as happened the day before. They allowed us to test drive without any hassle and we went alone. They gave us the deal we wanted and then some. They also did not charge a dealer prep fee that was advertised and they never do. We also only dealt with one person through all the negotiations. This experience was the best one that we have ever had when purchasing a new car. I trade every two years so I have had many dealings. I will only use Mullinax in the future. I wish they would open a dealership in Jacksonville