I recently bought a new 2013 Escape from Mullinax Ford

Kari Quigley

Quality 3/3 

I recently bought a new 2013 Escape from Mullinax Ford. The sales personnel were very friendly and very helpful. Ford’s personnel made sure that I understood my car as best I could at the time, which was a major technology upgrade from my 2003 Mustang! Also, when they say upfront price, they mean it. No dealer fees!

People I run into looking for a car, I send them to Mullinax

Andrew Smith

Quality 5/5

My first meeting was through the service department working on my car. I was treated extremely well by everyone in the service department that I came in contact with. Then when I decided to get a new car, I knew I wanted to shop around but I kept coming back to Mullinax. The treatment I got from Ron was exactly what I wanted. The car, the price, I was already sold on the service department. Just everything was excellant. This is my dealership. People I run into looking for a car, I send them to Mullinax.

I would recommend Mullinax to anyone.

Franklin Gonzalez

Quality  3 / 3

My situation was very particular and my need were extremely difficult to cover, with negative equity in my trade in, no money for a down payment, not able to pay more than I was paying before, and an specific car in mind; I was a challenge for any car sale company. I went to other dealers and other brands too and the outcome was always the same: Impossibility. Well, in Mullinax not only they made it possible, they did it super fast and always making me feel welcome. They work with my needs and gave me exactly what I was looking for in the terms I could afford. I would recommend Mullinax to anyone, especially Mr. Dave.